Saturday, 5 June 2010


For those who have any interest, I had thought of a possible way to prove the existence of my potential energy. Not cheap but far less cost than the Hadron colider!
What you need is a large glass tube that is very strong and about 6m long and 25cm in diameter.
A laser at one end, a sensor about 30cm in from that end and another one 30cm in from the other end. Suck everything out of the chamber to produce a vacuum. Fit 6 or so high-powered radial electro-magnets around the tube so they are offset from the centre. This experiment is best done in space but I can compensate for the gravity.
Fire the laser through the vacuum without the electro-magnets off a number of times to and measure the time it took from one sensor to the other and any varience in where it hits the far sensor.
Repeat the experiment with the electro-magnets pulsating randomly and see if there is a difference between the orginal times and the new ones and also see if there is a significent difference in where the laser hits the far sensor.

If there is then that will show that either photons are influenced by high electro-magnetic fields or that my potential energy is effected because a vacuum is potential energy, which makes the photons deviate from their normal path.

It is widely thought that gravity and large magnetic forces can bend light or is it these forces make potential energy flow around these forces and the light follows the energy?

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