Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dark matter- theres more!

Reading issue 2846 of New scientist today about the problems they have with finding any form of dark matter has made me think of my ideas a bit more and I have come up with what might be a strange and ridiculous idea but one that might make sense.
They have been trying to find the particles that could be or make dark matter but have not been having much luck. WIMPS, axioms and even now dark atoms have been put forward has the contenders for dark matter. Well, what about this idea?
My potential energy idea still stands as the best way of finding the rest of the matter in the universe but now on top of this what about if all particles in the universe do not actually move! Perhaps potential energy fill the universe completely and any other particle forms from it and like the old executive toy, the Newton's Cradle transfers the particle through potential energy from one side to the other. A Photon of light doesn't actually cross space, it's energy is transferred at very high speed from one bunch of potential energy to the other all the way across the cosmos.
The best way to explain it is to use the domino principal. You have a row of dominoes and say the first one is the sun, it produces a photon from PE, this then tells the next bunch of PE to turn into a part of the Photon and so on which moves the energy along like the energy used in pushing the first domino and that energy is transferred to the next domino until you hit something or run out of dominoes. Of course on the bigger scale the sun itself as it travels around the galaxy is actually being repeatedly remade as it goes and so are we! Think about it?