Sunday, 2 February 2014


I was chatting to one of my apprentices last week when the topic of ghosts entered the conversation. He asked "Do you believe in ghosts?" My answer was "No, not really though I did live in a house where there was one!" My apprentice then said "Hang on, isn't that a bit contradictory?"
The thing is I did live in a house like that. A number of people seen an older lady in Victorian dress including my big sister. I have seen lights go on and off outside at night when both my Dad and I were in bed. I have felt cold shivers during hot summer months while in bed, go right through me.
So he then asked me what I think all this could be? Well, this is what I replied with...
I believe that if you see a "ghost" either still or moving it could be because of a tiny hiccup in space-time in that particular area at that particular time and that what you are seeing is a sort of re-run of time gone by being replayed but over-layed onto the present. A bit like a double exposure on a film where the first was taken many years earlier and the other from the present. The first being faint and see through. For example. Say your Granddad took a picture of his house not long after he built it and laid the garden. In the middle of the garden he planted a young oak tree. Now 70 years later you go back to the same house and stand in the exact same spot and take another pic in the same weather at the same time of year and at the same time of day. Apart from your Granddad's pic being in black and white the other main difference would be the oak tree which would be hiding most of the house. Overlay them and hay presto you have a ghostly image. This is what could be happening. Plus it may only be happening at certain times. Perhaps randomly.
Also he asked what could make it happen? Again science might be able to help here too. What could be powerful enough to make a "hiccup" or tear in the fabric of space-time on such a local scale? That is a good question which is still to be answered properly but something like a small amount of gamma rays might do the trick. Lightning is a good source of them. They also produce huge amounts of static electricity and some plasma. What do you think?