Sunday, 2 February 2014


I was chatting to one of my apprentices last week when the topic of ghosts entered the conversation. He asked "Do you believe in ghosts?" My answer was "No, not really though I did live in a house where there was one!" My apprentice then said "Hang on, isn't that a bit contradictory?"
The thing is I did live in a house like that. A number of people seen an older lady in Victorian dress including my big sister. I have seen lights go on and off outside at night when both my Dad and I were in bed. I have felt cold shivers during hot summer months while in bed, go right through me.
So he then asked me what I think all this could be? Well, this is what I replied with...
I believe that if you see a "ghost" either still or moving it could be because of a tiny hiccup in space-time in that particular area at that particular time and that what you are seeing is a sort of re-run of time gone by being replayed but over-layed onto the present. A bit like a double exposure on a film where the first was taken many years earlier and the other from the present. The first being faint and see through. For example. Say your Granddad took a picture of his house not long after he built it and laid the garden. In the middle of the garden he planted a young oak tree. Now 70 years later you go back to the same house and stand in the exact same spot and take another pic in the same weather at the same time of year and at the same time of day. Apart from your Granddad's pic being in black and white the other main difference would be the oak tree which would be hiding most of the house. Overlay them and hay presto you have a ghostly image. This is what could be happening. Plus it may only be happening at certain times. Perhaps randomly.
Also he asked what could make it happen? Again science might be able to help here too. What could be powerful enough to make a "hiccup" or tear in the fabric of space-time on such a local scale? That is a good question which is still to be answered properly but something like a small amount of gamma rays might do the trick. Lightning is a good source of them. They also produce huge amounts of static electricity and some plasma. What do you think?

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Higgs

Could the Higgs be a bridge from my Omnia particle to real energy? Don't know how at the moment but I'll be working on it.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Named my energy/particle

After a lot of thought I have decided to give my energy/particle a proper name instead of potential energy as it is more than that. So, the name I am given it is the Omnia particle. Omnia is losely means "everything" in Latin.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dark matter- theres more!

Reading issue 2846 of New scientist today about the problems they have with finding any form of dark matter has made me think of my ideas a bit more and I have come up with what might be a strange and ridiculous idea but one that might make sense.
They have been trying to find the particles that could be or make dark matter but have not been having much luck. WIMPS, axioms and even now dark atoms have been put forward has the contenders for dark matter. Well, what about this idea?
My potential energy idea still stands as the best way of finding the rest of the matter in the universe but now on top of this what about if all particles in the universe do not actually move! Perhaps potential energy fill the universe completely and any other particle forms from it and like the old executive toy, the Newton's Cradle transfers the particle through potential energy from one side to the other. A Photon of light doesn't actually cross space, it's energy is transferred at very high speed from one bunch of potential energy to the other all the way across the cosmos.
The best way to explain it is to use the domino principal. You have a row of dominoes and say the first one is the sun, it produces a photon from PE, this then tells the next bunch of PE to turn into a part of the Photon and so on which moves the energy along like the energy used in pushing the first domino and that energy is transferred to the next domino until you hit something or run out of dominoes. Of course on the bigger scale the sun itself as it travels around the galaxy is actually being repeatedly remade as it goes and so are we! Think about it?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Just watched Prof Brain Cox's Wonders of the Universe. It was very good and I must say Prof' you do explain things well for lesser mortals but I am a bit disappointed about that you didn't look into the future of the Universe more. Even after the photons are gone I believe the universe as in the same way spring come and the plants and animals start afresh so does the universe. See my first blog entry. And if you read this I really would like to know what you think.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


I was just reading about Professor Brian Cox on Facebook when someone mentioned gravity. It then came to me. Gravity is the decay of energy of particles as they slowly turn back to potential energy via the higgs. The larger mass of particle the more the effect.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


For those who have any interest, I had thought of a possible way to prove the existence of my potential energy. Not cheap but far less cost than the Hadron colider!
What you need is a large glass tube that is very strong and about 6m long and 25cm in diameter.
A laser at one end, a sensor about 30cm in from that end and another one 30cm in from the other end. Suck everything out of the chamber to produce a vacuum. Fit 6 or so high-powered radial electro-magnets around the tube so they are offset from the centre. This experiment is best done in space but I can compensate for the gravity.
Fire the laser through the vacuum without the electro-magnets off a number of times to and measure the time it took from one sensor to the other and any varience in where it hits the far sensor.
Repeat the experiment with the electro-magnets pulsating randomly and see if there is a difference between the orginal times and the new ones and also see if there is a significent difference in where the laser hits the far sensor.

If there is then that will show that either photons are influenced by high electro-magnetic fields or that my potential energy is effected because a vacuum is potential energy, which makes the photons deviate from their normal path.

It is widely thought that gravity and large magnetic forces can bend light or is it these forces make potential energy flow around these forces and the light follows the energy?

Sunday, 26 July 2009

My ideas of the universe and more!

Well I thought i'd start with this and see how things go.

I had better start from the beginning, my idea of the beginning. Like I have said, this is my idea of the universe. It may follow some of the latest scientific theories but the rest is all mine.
So, clear your mind of all the theories that you know because they will cloud your thoughts and now continue on.
The beginning. The problem here is the idea of before the universe had its’ big bang, there was nothing, absolutely nothing! Well, I and the majority of the rest of the human population cannot get our brains around this idea. Why? Well I thought about it and the best way that I can explain how the idea cannot work is this- Close your eyes. Now try and clear your mind as much has you can. Now what can you see.........? Blackness! But even blackness is something. So my conclusion is that it doesn’t matter how much it seems like absolutely nothing there has got to be something no matter how strange or small or invisible.
So this is how I believe how the universe began (there is more to it than that. I’ll explain later). There was a very, very large void. No stars, no space dust, no matter. Well no normal matter any way. Long before Dark matter and dark energy were the buzz words in the scientific community my science teacher in secondary school told me about potential energy. Energy waiting to happen. Well that got me thinking, perhaps there is more to potential energy than just being energy in a state of possibly being, it is more than just energy too. The thing is scientists are trying to find a dark energy particle but are not having much luck with it. The main reason for this I think is this exotic particle isn’t just very small but is so small we haven’t got the technology to find one. They have been looking for dark matter particles or WIMPs down a salt mine near Whitby. They have yet had a positive response. These WIMPs are extremely small but potential energy is a lot smaller plus I believe that these particles have virtually no mass and therefore no energy in their normal state. But its their normal state that makes them fundamental to having a universe with large particles in.
These particles are so small they are even beyond even particle smashers capabilities as they are looking in the wrong place because they are everywhere! They are the universe! All other matter is neutrally supported by these particles like deep sea fish in the ocean. And as a fish is around 90% water all other matter is nearly all potential energy and these particles can go right through the densest matter and the unique qualities of this matter is that they are like a large container of ball bearings, you can tip them up a bit and they move together even if they are touching each other and in doing so rub against each other and any large particles that they pass through. It is this that makes gravity and electromagnetism.
So, this enormous blackness full of these particles naturally interacting and rubbing against each other gradually starts to cause gravity pulling them tighter together until they change their state in a BIG way! As gravity always come from the centre of matter so the big bang comes from the centre of the universe.
But the rubbing together of potential energy particles alone is not enough to stimulate them in to changing their state. They need another source of “Excitement” to push them over the edge, so to speak. The thing is, we are talking about a void here. Remember, potential energy is the void so all the properties for this still remain. It is a giant vacuum and as with any vacuum large or small there are forces pulling and stretching things out from the very centre. It is this force which rubs and pulls at the particles in the centre of the void (which also has most of the gravitational and magnetic forces too) which is enough to produce the massive change in state of potential energy.
In a short space of time (pardon the pun!) Tiny sub-particles, then the main basic particles (the elements) are formed and the first tiny pieces of matter start to emerge as the particles move towards the heavier elements like Iron. Now the big bang wasn’t such a big bang as the scientists think as it wasn’t one huge explosion but it was a chain reaction from the initial larger bang to lots of smaller ones like if you had a room full of mouse traps and set one off in the centre. This one set’s off others that it touches and they in turn set off others but once things quiet down you will notice that not all the traps are set off and if you had slow motion footage you would see that branches of traps go out quicker on one side to the other. This could explain why some galaxies do seem randomly placed in the universe but see below.
Now recently scientists are starting to say that the universe is a bit flat. I have been saying this for some time. Some scientists and mathematicians are now looking towards the idea of a fractal universe. Well this has been my idea for many years even before I new the word fractal. I looked at the universe from a logical point of view. There is no reason why something smaller in nature cannot correspond with much larger objects too. So I looked for one COMMON denominator which runs right through nature and I found circles! Things that are round or that go around. From the tiniest known particles including the new ones (though I think that potential energy is like a squash ball. It has a bit of elasticity). You have electrons going around the atom, hurricanes, solar systems, spiral galaxies so why not the universe its self?
So why should this be the case? If you look at the side on view of the sun’s magnetosphere you can see how it spreads outwards in a disc shape engulfing the planets who’s own magnetosphere partly neutralises the sun’s which helps to hold them in a steady orbit though they are all gradually going in towards the sun.
The same goes for the milky way but this time the holding feature is the super-massive black hole in the centre.
Now we come on to the ( using a cactus term ) prickly subject! Black holes! These elusively seen ( in normal circumstances ) sometimes small, sometime gigantic objects that are a fundamental part of the universe. Well here is my way of looking at them so to speak.
As the universe starts to form, larger particles are produced in abundance. Space dust. Larger areas of this dust where gravitational forces are greater start to form larger objects and if there is sufficient amounts of dense matter being produced so the process speeds up greatly if not exponentially to the point that a large mass of the dust cloud collapses down suddenly to become a super-massive black hole. When this then stabilise, the rest of the dust start to form the stars around it. The purpose of the black hole (Green party take note!) is to re-cycle the matter and turn it back to potential energy. Some say, but not all galaxies are spiral! True! These galaxies are Lenticular, elliptical and irregular. They look similar but seem to have one major difference, no black hole. The gases and matter are spread out and are made from old stars that have gone super-nova and other gases that have not had the mass until now. So stars and their planets are formed in a more random way. Some may have a central core which consists more likely of a dense concentration of stars than a black hole. But even these galaxies have black holes. The normal size ones, so even these galaxies will return to potential energy eventually.
I cannot go into details about this as I do not have the equipment to be able to retrieve the data that I need to confirm any of this. So, if any university or space organisation would like to aid me in my research please, please contact me!
Okay, it is time to go into the realms of space-time.
Space and time have been partnered together by scientists for quite some time now. I am not going into the complexities of space-time you can visit Wikipedia for that but for my interest in this concerns the solar-system more than anything else. The idea of space and time linked together works fine for me so long as it is in the surrounds of a large gravitational force, i.e. solar-systems and galaxies. But what happens outside these giant magnets where their force is minimal or even nonexistent?
Deep space, we can see through it, all that potential energy is neutral so it is as there is nothing there. What if potential energy has a strange effect on objects that produce very little or no gravity? It might actually speed its movements up to an infinite pace! Similar to the idea of a wormhole but without the hole! This would be the only way that we maybe able to travel long distances in reasonable time. Perhaps that is how are UFO’s get here??????
Now light used to be used as a constant as most scientists agreed that the speed did not vary be it on earth or in space but recently some scientists have discovered that light traveled faster in the early universe than it does now. Well, if you are seeing an object from a distance that object is not in that place any more as it has taken light so much time to get there. But if you take my idea of from the previous paragraph in to account then light actually got to your eyes a lot quicker than we first thought so making total chaos of all the theories out there! Scientists also say large objects such as planets, stars and galaxies can bend light that goes pass them as the gravity and mass of the object bends the space-time too so light is seen avoiding a direct hit of the object but potential energy also has an effect on light too. As the large object, say Earth, goes about it’s business through space potential energy flows through it but has it has a large mass and gravitational force it has the effect of slowing down some of the potential energy and deflecting it around and anything that is flowing through the potential energy too get deflected a bit so this the main reason how I think light can be bent. This can be done on a small scale too. If you have a very powerful electro-magnet and pass a laser’s light near it this too will deflect the light from its’ straight path. The magnet doesn’t have an effect on the photons but has an effect on the potential energy which effects the photons.
But if this is NOT the case then there begs another question for later on???
There is a possible downside to this. One that I am a little reluctant to mention but you should know about it. Again this is just a hypothesis, it requires a lot more investigation.

If space-time is a local phenomenon then there is a lot to be considered. The solar system is near the outer edge of one of the arms of the milky-way so the gravitational pull from the black hole is now getting minimal. Could our solar system recently have gone past the hold that the black hole had on us? If so, is there now a difference in space-time because it has been a long excepted claim that as you go closer to a black hole the slower time gets so if we are moving away then local space time in the solar system maybe getting quicker?
Now just think of the consequences of this? I the earth as old as we really think it is? Or is it older? We are blaming so much on global warming but could some of it be because space-time is changing the seasons?
Could it be that the last ice age that by our reckoning was around 100,000 years ago really only happened only 40,000 years ago or less? What happens when the solar system brakes free totally from the grip of the black hole? Is there a maximum space-time speed?
Think of it like this, when you pull the plug in a bath and the water starts going down the plug hole. After so long a vortex is formed when the depth of water corresponds to the size of the hole. Your bubbles from the bubble-bath go around the vortex and gradually gets sucked down it but there is a particular distance away from the vortex where the bubbles get up enough speed around the vortex that their straight line velocity is enough to brake free from the vortex. In the baths scenario the water can’t escape so everything goes down eventually but with a galaxy there can be freedom!
The thing is even in deep space the tiny particles of dust and photons will eventually change back to potential energy. Ah! Photons, there is another thing! If as some scientists thought that the universe was an enclosed area then after so long the universe would be full of light because the photons would rebound of the outer edge, BUT it isn’t so there either no end to the universe or something happens to the photons? Well, both actually! ALL energy changes from one to the other as I have said before and the maximum distance a photon can travel IS the edge of the universe because that is when it turns back to potential energy. This is seen here in nature on earth. Mushroom rings, the Creosote bush found in Arizona I think, both gradually grow outwards in a ring from the original single plant though really even after a thousand years it is the same plant thus make this plant one of the oldest plants. Some rings are thought to be over 12000 years old! The centre of these plants die thus producing the ring shape. The same will most likely happen to the universe too!

Coining a excellent phrase, and now for something completely different! Well okay not totally different but a different sort of question.
The question is how does Darwin’s “Evolution” in nature actually work?
Well I have come up with a theory that in some ways for those of you reading this that are of the religious persuasion who might be a bit disappointed with what you have read so far might feel a bit better.
No, I’m not saying that God had a part in evolution but possibly there could be a higher form of intelligence that has written a program and we are the program. This is not a new concept but what is new is why do I think this.
Well, how does a spider that looks like an ant know how to start making itself look like an ant? There are loads of examples of nature copying other life forms be it animal to animal, plant to plant, plant to animal and even plant/animal to mineral!
So how does this all work? There is only one way that evolution can work and that is maths!
Everything in nature can be calculated, formulated and equated. Fern fronds and snow flakes are one of natures greatest mathematical processes. Fractals.
The thing is, mathematics is a functional process that only higher intelligence can conceive, especially when it come to the sort of equations and mathematical processes required to produce life! We have only recently worked out the DNA structure and that required a lot of maths! If we are a program running say on automatic to see what might happen then humans now are nearly at the stage where we can now influence the outcome. A bit like Terminator but we are the robots!
It all sounds so far fetched but if anyone has a better idea and I mean a more logical and provable idea I’d like to here it. If life started and there was no condition for evolution then we would still be in the primeval soup. As conditions on the planet change either for good one way and bad, the other, so life has adapted to make use of each little niche and to do this there must be some form of program with the right algorithms in each life form which makes it adapt to the changes around it. Anyone that has used BASIC computer programming will know what I mean. (E.g. IF things get bad, THEN adapt to suit ELSE continue as you are.) Every life form has a slightly different evolutionary program. Take crocodiles, they haven’t changed hardly for hundreds of millions of years even though the earth’s environment has changed drastically over that time. Why haven’t the crocodiles been the ones to evolve into higher beings? It is because of their evolutionary program goes with their biological makeup. When their program got them to the stage where they became successful in their environment and things changed around them the crocodiles have always managed to adapt in the most minimal ways so their program hasn’t had to change much where as humans are a totally different matter.
Only spending a tiny fraction of the evolutionary timescale that the crocodiles have on the planet, humans have had to adapt practically from day one otherwise we would of been animal food right away and would of been one of natures prototypes that really never got into full production, so to speak.
When you look at the differences between croc’s and humans you can easily see why humans had to evolve so quickly and so aggressively to survive.
If you were another predator like a Sabre-toothed cat which would you prefer to tackle as a potential meal, Crocodile or human?

I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have written so far. I hope you can comment on it by e-mailing me at
If any professional scientists are interested in what I have written and would like to help me in getting some hard factual data then please, please contact me.
Thanks for reading.

David Richards